Following the real estate market’s tendency to provide maximum service for customers, the real estate agency informs about start of sale of real estate located in Bulgaria and Germany. The prices per square meter are some less than those throughout Europe. And the average price is 50,000 Euro and higher. Real estate is sold with high-quality western-style renovation and some -with inbuilt kitchen and equipment.


When you buy real estate in Bulgaria you are given residence permit. This is standard purchase system. Everything is simple and easy. The Black sea climate, wonderful nature, the summer sun in the Golden Sands as well as ones of the best winter skiing resorts of Bulgaria attract people for purchase of real estate.


During the worldwide financial crisis, Germany is still, very likely, one of few countries, the banks of which continue to financing real estate purchase to the previous extent and with the previous mortgage rates, so, today it is quite really to buy a real estate on credit in Germany.  We are ready to help to our customers in solution of the issues related to financial assets shortage, as well in further rent.


Choose the one more suitable for you : villas, apartments, lands. Our representatives in both countries are ready to meet, accommodate and consult you about any questions and to show the real estate chosen by you, at any time.


The full catalog of real estate proposed abroad, as well as all information required with regard to prices, purchase order, taxes you can find in our office or by phone numbers mentioned in contact details.

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